Crypto Burrito

Happy 2023 and Welcome to Crypto Burrito! This is where I share my favorite projects & companies in the cryptocurrency world. If you’d like to hear more about my story, please visit the About Page.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are still 2 of my favorite cryptocurrencies. If you’re ready to take a bite of that CryptoBurrito, I hope to help make the learning curve more fun, especially if you’re getting into the crypto space for the first time.

Are you ready to buy some cryptocurrency and diversify your portfolio? Visit the Getting Started page. I’ll share some of my favorite ways to buy crypto.

Maybe you’d like to earn some FREE Bitcoin as you shop? Check out, Lolli. You can earn Sats when making everyday purchases. (Satoshis are to Bitcoin as Pennies are to the Dollar).

Converting fiat money (Cash Dollars) into crypto can be really tedious and confusing for the new person. Well, CoinZoom makes it easy to walk into over 3,000 GameStop locations and add dollars to your crypto account.

What is my FAVORITE project of the year? Be sure to check out the D.AI.SY Crowdfunding Project. It’s Stock Equity, AI Trading, and Crowd Sharing for EndoTech.

Did you dabble in crypto this year? Crypto & Taxes can be tricky. Use the company I use to make filing your tax return simple and easy. My report is generated within minutes, and I can import it into TurboTax and easily complete my tax filing. Learn more about Crypto Trader Tax services.

I am sharing and presenting products & services which I feel provide real value in my life and business. I wanted to be fully transparent and let you know that I am an Independent Representative of many of the products & services on this website including, Beyond Wealth, CoinZoom & D.AI.SY.