Daisy Crypto AI and Forex Trading are now LIVE!

We as a community have had countless zoom calls over the past 2 years. Like many of you, web meetings have been the main way I communicated while I worked from home throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past few months, offices have started to open up, and face-to-face meetings are a thing again.

So, why did I wake up extra early on June 1st to jump on yet another Zoom call? There were some NEW announcements with DAISY that I wanted to make sure I learned about! A year ago, DAISY was all I could talk about for months on end, and then life sort of happened. While DAISY was building its A.I. infrastructure, I went back to building businesses.

During the DAISY zoom call, I had a HUGE smile on my face. The vision I had of DAISY was becoming a reality. I believe DAISY has the technology to revolutionize FOREX and Crypto trading.

What is DAISY?

DAISY is a Decentralized Artificial Intelligence System that uses the power of AI to make profitable trades whether the market is up or down. Currently, the traditional market is down. The crypto market has slumped even further. Last month saw the destruction of LUNA and the de-pegging of UST which sent devastating ripples throughout the crypto world. Bitcoin is currently trading for less than half of its all-time high.

Even with all of this chaos in the market, the DAISY algorithms are showing a profit.

How Can I Profit With DAISY?

Feel free to bookmark our TEAM referral link: https://Daisy.Global/r/cryptoburrito or visit the following website: www.DaisyContract.com (If these links don’t work for you, be sure to use a VPN).

DAISY Launches Its Crowdfunding Platform Promoting EndoTech in the First Quarter of 2021

I was introduced to EndoTech in 2019, and after much research, I started using their services in August 2020. I was really impressed with EndoTech’s AI Trading performance results, and I wanted to share their service with everyone I knew.

When I heard about DAISY, I was excited to learn that the DAISY Project creates 3 things;

  1. The opportunity to own Stock Equity in EndoTech, an emerging FinTech Company.
  2. Trading Rewards resulting from AI (Artificial Intelligence) Crypto Trading.
  3. A Crowdfunding Project where participants can benefit without recruiting!

There have been 2 big trends I noticed during 2020. The first was that regular everyday people were gaining awareness of the cryptocurrency market. The second was that apps like Robinhood & CashApp allowed people to increase control of the stocks they wanted to own with the ability to buy fractionalized shares with as little as $1.

I feel that DAISY bridges both of these trends. As Bitcoin more than doubled in value breaking $61,200 and Ethereum exploded nearly 4X from December 2020 to March 2021, many people who were becoming aware of crypto started to experience the FOMO. Even my friends who DETESTED bitcoin and any digital asset started reaching out to me asking for advice on buying crypto.

I believe EndoTech gives people the chance to catch up for lost time using EndoTech’s AI strategies for trading crypto. EndoTech will trade on your behalf, and we share in the profits from their Artificial Intelligence Technology.

EndoTech is planning to go public within the next several years. I am excited about the opportunity to own stock equity in a company I already believe in. My friends and business partners who have tested out EndoTech’s services are also equally impressed.

Yes, there is a path to trading directly with EndoTech, but it comes at a high price tag. I love the DAISY Project because it allows almost anyone to have their funds traded by state-of-the-art AI trading systems with an entry cost as low as $100.

For your convenience, I compiled a DAISY Video page with the most popular DAISY Presentation videos ranging from 39 seconds to 75 minutes long. I suggest taking a peek at the 10-minute video because it packs a lot into a short time span. If you have questions, I’m available to help answer those questions for you. Feel free to shoot me a message here.

If you are in a participating country and would like to join the DAISY CrowdFunding Project, please enroll with my referral link: https://Daisy.Global/r/cryptoburrito (Please note, the link will not work in non-eligible countries).

I look forward to partnering with you!


Join the Infinity Line

What is the Infinity Line and why would I want to join it?

As far as I know, the Infinity Line is unique to Beyond. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this. Essentially, the Infinity Line is a sales funnel that is fueled by the Infinite Success App.

The Infinity Line is literally a continuous string of people who have joined through an invitation or link generated by the Infinite Success App. The system went live on, July 11, 2020, and completes its first cycle on Friday, August 7, 2020. As each person clicks on a link and enters their name and email address, they are placed in the Infinity Line according to their timestamp.

By joining the Infinity Line, you get 3 things.

  1. The Infinite Success App
  2. A spot in the Infinity Line
  3. A Preferred CoinZoom Account + Debit Card

Well, technically, that is 4 things, my favorite of which is the Preferred CoinZoom Account + Debit Card.

Why would I join the Beyond Infinity Line instead of going to CoinZoom directly?

That’s a great question. CoinZoom has 5 different Card levels which give you various degrees of access depending on the number of Zoom Tokens which are being staked within your CoinZoom account ecosystem. If you went straight to CoinZoom and enrolled, you would start with a SELECT (green) card.

When you enroll with CoinZoom through the Infinity Line, you are AUTOMATICALLY upgraded to the PREFERRED (white) card. Yes, you can upgrade from a green card to a white card, but you will need to stake 10,000 Zoom Tokens to level up and earn that upgrade. Joining through the Infinity Line is like skipping the line at the crowded club because you know the bouncer at the door.

What can I do with my CoinZoom Account?

CoinZoom is a robust exchange & multi-currency wallet platform. What does this mean? It means it’s a safe place to buy, hold, and sell your cryptocurrencies. CoinZoom is the bridge between government-issued fiat and the cryptocurrency worlds. You can easily link your bank account to CoinZoom to make purchases of various cryptocurrencies at fees lower than the most popular exchanges.

If you don’t have a bank account, you can fund your account using a wire transfer, a debit card, or make a transfer using cryptocurrency. You can also have your account funded by a member using, ZoomMe.

CoinZoom has a feature called ZoomMe which allows you to INSTANTLY send money to another CoinZoom member anywhere in the world for FREE. This is one of my favorite CoinZoom features and can potentially give remittance companies like MoneyGram & Western Union a run for their money.

What can I do with my CoinZoom Visa Debit Card?

Your CoinZoom Visa Debit Card will be linked to your CoinZoom account. You can access the funds in your account at an ATM or by making a purchase anywhere Visa is accepted.

If you are in the USA you have a slick option of designating which funds you want to use on the CoinZoom App. For example, if you have US Dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Zoom Tokens in your CoinZoom wallet, with a touch of a button on the app, you can designate which currency will be used for the Visa transaction.

You can use your CoinZoom Visa Debit card like any Visa Card and if you have selected crypto to fund your card, it is instantly sold and converted to USD seamlessly by CoinZoom. If you are outside the USA, there are a few extra steps to take to switch currencies, but it’s all handled within the app.

What does it mean to LOCK in my position or spot in the Infinity Line?

Once you have been placed in the Infinity Line according to the timestamp of when you enrolled, you may notice within the Infinite Success App that there are people enrolling after you. For example, my friend David joined the Infinity Line a few weeks ago, and there are now over 4,000 people below him within the Infinity Line.

David has the option to lock in his position within the Infinity Line BEFORE, Thursday, August 7th at 12pm MST. If he decides to lock his position, he can UPGRADE for a onetime fee of $99 ($60 + $39 activation fee) and $60 per month. David has 2 “paths” to choose from. Either the Well Beyond Kick Start Pack, which is the Health & Wellness option or the digital/cryptocurrency option from Beyond Wealth called the Elevate Pack.

Either “path” will qualify you for the upgrade, so it depends on preference. The Health & Wellness products are great, but keep in mind, if you choose this option, there will be a shipping and handling fee on top of the monthly $60 fee. In the USA, the total with taxes and shipping is about $75 depending on where you live.

If I upgrade, what do I get for my $60 per month?

Honestly, the true value is the Infinite Success App. Many marketers pay between $40 – $500 per month for a lead generation system. For $60 a month, I’m told the Infinite Success App is a fantastic deal. You can manage your contacts from the palm of your hand. Once a contact is added to the system, the app will share videos, special offers, and deals to them directly from the company.

There are 4 bonuses included with your ELEVATE PACK upgrade:

  1. Upgrade to the GOLD CoinZoom Account. (That’s the middle tier membership level. The card is gold/yellow). Congratulations! The bouncer let you cut the line AND get into the VIP section.
  2. A Wanderlust Travel account with savings of up to 40%. It’s your “travel agent” in a box. You can share your Wanderlust Travel link and generate commissions when people book travel using your link. Of course, you also SAVE when you book your own travel. Where is your next vacation?
  3. Authorization to purchase 1 Velocity Node. The Velocity Node is a great program that allows you to generate passive income. The Velocity Node alone can pay for more than half of your monthly fees.
  4. Access to Sigma AI. Sigma AI is a cryptocurrency trading program with various trading strategies. The Beta strategy is available in the USA. Alpha & Beta strategies are available internationally. (There is an additional monthly charge of $40/month to participate in Sigma AI).

What happens if I do NOT lock in my spot?

Once a month the Infinity Line is flushed and reordered. In the example with David. If he decides to LOCK in his spot, he will maintain his position and possibly move UP in the Infinity Line if anyone ABOVE him decides NOT to upgrade to the $60/month paid membership.

I stated earlier that David has over 4,000 members below him. If he decides NOT to upgrade, then everyone below him who does upgrade their membership will move above him and he will occupy a new position in the Infinity Line below everyone who upgrades.

Even if David does not upgrade his membership, he will still have access to his CoinZoom account. The ONLY reason to upgrade is if he decides he wants to take advantage of the wealth-building products or the health and wellness products.

Can I generate income from the Infinity Line?

Another reason to upgrade is if you wanted to share Beyond’s products and services with other people. You can even turn the Infinity Line into a side-hustle. If you invited 3 people to the Infinity Line who upgrade to the $60/month membership, then your monthly membership is covered. Any additional people you invite who also join will create residual monthly cash flow for you.

Below is a short video explaining the potential of the Infinity Line. There are no guarantees in life, (although the Velocity Node mentioned above gets close). In the words of Jeremy Reynolds, “If you do nothing, you’re going to make nothing. If you do something, you’re going to make something. If you do a lot, you can make a lot… This is not get rich quick, this is get rich steady over time and that is a whole lot better than get rich never. At Beyond, we want you to have your best day ever.”

To better understand the potential of the Infinity Line, watch the video below.

WOW! That was a lot of information. Is there anything else I need to know about this Infinity Line?

There are 3 main phases to the Infinity Line.

  1. Free
  2. Lock
  3. Upgrade

1. For FREE, you can get a Preferred CoinZoom Account + Debit Card as well as a spot in the Infinity Line and the Infinite Success App.

2. If you decide it’s right for you, you can LOCK your spot in the Infinity Line with a $60/month membership. You unlock the full power of the Infinite Success App and take advantage of the bonuses from the path you choose.

What is the UPGRADE?

3. There is another side of the Beyond company, separate, but adjacent to the Infinity Line with bigger membership packs containing extra perks. Depending on what you’re looking for, some of these might be of value to you.

If Artificial Intelligence and Forex Trading are your cups of tea, then it’s good to know that the EXPERIENCE PACKS include IOTA FX-A. This is access to the Forex Academy where you can learn the Art of the Trade.

As the EXPERIENCE PACKS grow in price, you get MORE of… You can decide what is most valuable to you and choose the pack with the UPGRADED benefits you want and desire.

With each higher tier, you get more perks in your CoinZoom membership level.

The higher membership tiers also give you greater savings on the Wanderlust Travel benefits with savings up to 65%.

If Velocity Nodes are your JAM, the MOMENTUM PACK allows you to purchase up to 25. If that’s not enough for you, then you may want to opt for the top of the membership Tier.

The RESERVE PACK lets you buy as many Velocity Nodes as your heart desires, plus you get a Black CoinZoom account with a stainless steel metal Visa Debit Card.

If you have any interest or questions about the EXPERIENCE Packs; Ignite, Rise, Momentum, or Reserve, there is a 20% off promotion that ends on Thursday, August 6th, 2020 at midnight MST.

If you read this post after that date and you’re REALLY interested in these larger EXPERIENCE packs, there is a way to leverage the Infinity Line to take advantage of a 20% discount.

If you want to save $1,000 on a $5,000 RESERVE PACK, then make sure you get in touch with me and I’ll show you how to make it happen.

Whoa! Did you really read this far?

Thank you for reading this far. I hope I gave you all the information you needed about the Infinity Line. This was a longer post than I thought it would be, but I wanted to address all the questions I get pertaining to the Infinity Line. If you still have more questions, please contact me and I can answer those for you.

Cheers to your SUCCESS!


Beyond Wealth Prelaunch

This is the final countdown to the Beyond Wealth Official Launch on Saturday, July 11, 2020. There is an amazing opportunity to get positioned in the Infinity Line as soon as the Infinity Line goes live. I believe Beyond presents an amazing home based business for $60/month with a $99 startup fee.

For your $60 monthly fee, you get a choice of 2 different benefits. One is Beyond Wealth which is the Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence Trading & Travel Benefits Option.

Path 2 is Well Beyond, the Health & Wellness option featuring Beyond’s exclusive Best Day Ever Products (Focus, Xe TRM™, Calm & Balance). They even have “healthy” chocolate. I think I’m going to order some this week.

So, whether you like physical products or like me, prefer virtual products, Beyond has a great option for you.

If you’re reading this before Thursday, July 9, 2020, then it’s still BEFORE the OFFICIAL launch, you have the opportunity to become a BEYOND FOUNDER.

I think this is where the REAL value is. Please do your research and if you have any questions about becoming a FOUNDER, I am happy to help answer your questions and introduce you to the TEAM.

Time is short, and if wanted to position yourself in a company and be able to receive shares for 2% of the company revenue, you have 2 options. These of course are totally optional, and after doing my due diligence, I decided this option was right for Me AND I purchased a Founders Pack.

There are 2 options that allow you to get shares in the Infinity Line Pool. The Infinity Club Membership is $499 and comes with one share, along with many other great perks. The Infinity Founder Membership is $1,999 and comes with 5 shares along with upgraded options included in the Infinity Club Membership.

You’ll need to decide if an Infinity Membership is right for you. I think it is a wonderful combination of the right place, the right time & the right company partnership.

If a Founders position is right for you, then the Gold Card Promotion might be even more enticing. If you enroll 5 Founders, (or any combination of Founders and Club memberships totaling 110 points), you’ll qualify for a fully customizable, 24 karat gold debit card. We have a Founders 6-Pack available (for YOU and 5 of your business partners).

This is going to be a busy week as the deadline to enroll as a Founder ends on Thursday, July 9, 2020. I am part of a larger TEAM dedicated to your SUCCESS. If you have any questions, you can me using our Contact Page. I’m just a message away.

I almost forgot to mention… We have an Infinite Success App which was designed to help you easily share the Beyond Wealth & Well Beyond products and services with your colleagues. In fact, if you have Facebook, you can click here to get a sneak peek of the app.

Did you know that less than 5% of the world is familiar with cryptocurrency? The tools, TEAM, and quality products & services have been assembled to help you start a home-based business for less than $160.

Of course, if you decide a Founders position is right for you, then we will teach you how to leverage our TEAM and Technology to help you share your business with the 95% who have yet to learn about cryptocurrency.

Cheers to your Success!