When you accept your invitation to Join the Infinity Line, you will be offered the option to lock in your position.

What do you get when you UPGRADE to Beyond Wealth within the Infinite Success App?

When you lock in your FREE position within the Infinity Line by upgrading to the $60/month Beyond Wealth Elevate Pack, you will unlock the full power of the Infinite Success App and ALSO receive the following benefits.

Beyond Wealth (Cryptocurrency Offering)

  • Wanderlust Travel (Save up to 40% on travel. Up to 65% available with Experience Packs).
  • Velocity Node (Access to purchase 1 device).
  • CoinZoom Upgrade to Gold Account & Debit Card
  • Access to Sigma AI (AI Crypto Trading Platform. Additional monthly fee of $40 required).

What are these additional benefits exactly? On this page, I will introduce the Wanderlust offering.

Wanderlust is your very own travel portal. Book here instead of the other popular online travel engines and you’ll save money when booking your vacations and travel. 

You can even share an invitation link to your Wanderlust Travel Portal and they can save money when booking their travel. The extra perk is you’ll receive a bonus commission when they SAVE money, It’s a WIN-WIN!

Not only do members have access to over one million hotel properties worldwide through the Wanderlust travel portal, but you can also access secured discounted rates on flights, cruises, and car rentals. Do you feel like taking a lavish vacation? You can access negotiated rates on first-class and business-class airfare.

Some companies sell access to this travel portal for up to $1,000 with a monthly fee ranging from $30-$99. Wanderlust is INCLUDED in your Beyond Wealth membership.

You can use Wanderlust for your personal travel needs, or share your link with others and turn it into an additional stream of income.

I’m sure you may have many questions, so please send me a message through the Contact Page. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.