CoinZoom - Cards

What really excites me about CoinZoom, is their new partnership with, BeyondCoinZoom, is the cryptocurrency company I have been looking for, but I didn’t know existed yet. I believe CoinZoom is poised for success because of the foundation they have been building over the past few years.

“If you build it, they will come.” I know this is a misquote from the movie, Field of Dreams, but the idea is a solid one. CoinZoom, has been building their platform and securing the required financial licenses from the appropriate authorities in the countries, states, provinces and counties where needed.

In my opinion, the best way to take CoinZoom for a test ride is to join the Infinity Line for FREE. You’ll get EXTRA perks, upgrades and more that $500 of value through the Infinity Line, than going straight to CoinZoom directly, (but if you REALLY want to go straight to, then please click here and enjoy this $10 bonus).

Do your due diligence on CoinZoom’s leadership TEAM and I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Their crypto exchange offers fair fees as well as a utility token which can lower those fees even more. They offer a Visa Debit Card which pays you up to back 5% on your spending. That’s better than any credit card in my wallet.

When I compared CoinZoom to the MCO card from I was impressed with what I found. (I will create a blog post on the similarities and benefits of both debit cards).

CoinZoom also offers staking options as well as advanced trading options. I’m excited that I can purchase my cryptocurrencies for very low fees. I can also stake those cryptos and earn a guaranteed return. Best of all, from my understanding, my crypto and fiat are insured up to amounts similar to FDIC accounts in traditional banks. Of course, certain restrictions apply.

The official company launch is July 11, 2020. This means that the last day to take advantage of the Beyond Prelaunch is Thursday, July 9, 2020.

Joining as a FOUNDER during Prelaunch has many benefits. I hope you join me as a Founder. I’m happy to introduce you to the TEAM.