So you decided to stick your foot in the cryptocurrency water, and now it’s tax time, and you’re not sure what to do about crypto when filing your taxes?

Or maybe 2020 was a crazy year, and you had to cashout some crypto?

In 2018, I found myself in the very same boat! I did a few online searches and checked the reviews. CryptoTrader.Tax was the solution I settled on.

I made a majority of my bitcoin purchases and sales through the Cash App and CoinBase. I was filing my taxes with TurboTax, so I was in luck! CryptoTrader.Tax supported these services.

The process was simple and took only a few minutes from the sign up to completing my tax report, which I uploaded to TurboTax.

I used CryptoTrader again in 2019, and filing my taxes was a breeze.

If you want to make your crypto taxes a breeze, too, please use code CRYPTOTAX10 with my CryptoTrader affiliate link to receive a 10% discount coupon for your crypto tax needs.

What’s great is you can also edit and run the report as many times as needed in collaboration with your tax professional.

Good luck, and thank you for your support!

TofuAlan & CryptoBurrito