The Infinite Success App is a great tool. This blog post has detailed information on the benefits of joining the Infinity Line:

The more I learn about, Beyond, the more I see how these products & services can really help everyday people like you and me achieve our health and financial goals. 

The system is simple:

  1. Join the Infinity Line for FREE to access your FREE gifts.
  2. Download the Infinite Success App and invite people who would like their own FREE upgraded CoinZoom account.

Test out the FREE membership. CoinZoom is a fabulous platform for bridging the traditional & cryptocurrency markets, and for sending money instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world with a CoinZoom account, using the ZoomMe feature.

If you want to take your membership to the next level, you can easily upgrade your membership through the Infinite Success App.

For a one-time fee of $99 and $60 per month (which starts the following month), you choose from 2 options, Beyond Wealth (which is the digital AKA crypto option) or Well Beyond, (which is the Health & Wellness option).

Choose the path which is right for you, and use the Infinite Success App to share the Infinity Line with everyone you know.

Did you know that when 3 people you share the Infinity Line with, upgrade to the $60 per month membership, your membership will be FREE? All you need to do is spread the word.

(Click on the picture above and you can watch a 20-minute tutorial on how the Infinite Success App works).

Imagine there was a simple, easy to duplicate way to share the, Beyond Wealth Infinity Line. Well, let me introduce, the Infinite Success App.

The app allows you to introduce your friends, family and business partners to, Beyond Wealth. Currently there are 3 ways to share the power of the Infinity Line. All you need is:

  1. Their Name & telephone number.
  2. Their Name and email address.
  3. If you have Facebook account, you can share a link on your Facebook page and Facebook users can easily join the Infinity Line and access their FREE gifts.

Ask your contact for permission to send them more information about, Beyond Wealth. If they say yes, you can add them from the app using their phone number stored in your address book, or you can enter the phone number and/or email address using the INVITE function on the app.

If you have Facebook, you can choose the SOCIAL button to share a post on your Facebook page promoting either the Beyond Wealth, CoinZoom & Wanderlust Travel opportunity or the Health & Wellness products from Well Beyond.

Beyond, has officially launched their NEW Infinity Line. The Infinite Success App can help you promote the Infinity Line so people can enjoy the benefits of securing a FREE spot as well as a FREE upgraded CoinZoom account.

If you have yet to claim your FREE spot in the Infinity Line and receive your UPGRADED CoinZoom account, please CLICK HERE or send me an email ( with “Add me to the Infinity Line” in the subject line and your Full name in the email body.

I can show you how to get started with the Infinite Success App and use it to share the Beyond story.

I look forward to answering any questions you have.