DAISY Launches Its Crowdfunding Platform Promoting EndoTech in the First Quarter of 2021

I was introduced to EndoTech in 2019, and after much research, I started using their services in August 2020. I was really impressed with EndoTech’s AI Trading performance results, and I wanted to share their service with everyone I knew.

When I heard about DAISY, I was excited to learn that the DAISY Project creates 3 things;

  1. The opportunity to own Stock Equity in EndoTech, an emerging FinTech Company.
  2. Trading Rewards resulting from AI (Artificial Intelligence) Crypto Trading.
  3. A Crowdfunding Project where participants can benefit without recruiting!

There have been 2 big trends I noticed during 2020. The first was that regular everyday people were gaining awareness of the cryptocurrency market. The second was that apps like Robinhood & CashApp allowed people to increase control of the stocks they wanted to own with the ability to buy fractionalized shares with as little as $1.

I feel that DAISY bridges both of these trends. As Bitcoin more than doubled in value breaking $61,200 and Ethereum exploded nearly 4X from December 2020 to March 2021, many people who were becoming aware of crypto started to experience the FOMO. Even my friends who DETESTED bitcoin and any digital asset started reaching out to me asking for advice on buying crypto.

I believe EndoTech gives people the chance to catch up for lost time using EndoTech’s AI strategies for trading crypto. EndoTech will trade on your behalf, and we share in the profits from their Artificial Intelligence Technology.

EndoTech is planning to go public within the next several years. I am excited about the opportunity to own stock equity in a company I already believe in. My friends and business partners who have tested out EndoTech’s services are also equally impressed.

Yes, there is a path to trading directly with EndoTech, but it comes at a high price tag. I love the DAISY Project because it allows almost anyone to have their funds traded by state-of-the-art AI trading systems with an entry cost as low as $100.

For your convenience, I compiled a DAISY Video page with the most popular DAISY Presentation videos ranging from 39 seconds to 75 minutes long. I suggest taking a peek at the 10-minute video because it packs a lot into a short time span. If you have questions, I’m available to help answer those questions for you. Feel free to shoot me a message here.

If you are in a participating country and would like to join the DAISY CrowdFunding Project, please enroll with my referral link: https://Daisy.Global/r/cryptoburrito (Please note, the link will not work in non-eligible countries).

I look forward to partnering with you!